A person getting their nails done

Step into a world where your nails are not just treated but celebrated.

At our nail salon, every manicure and pedicure is a journey towards perfection, crafted with the dedication and care you deserve. Whether you’re seeking the timeless elegance of French nails, the durable beauty of Shellac nails, or the innovative allure of dipping powder, we tailor each service to your personal taste and lifestyle needs.


Our J Nail And Spa artisans specialize in transforming nails into exquisite art pieces. From the subtle sophistication of a classic look to the bold statements made with cutting-edge nail art, our techniques ensure your nails are not just seen but remembered. Seasonal designs, custom creations for special events, or the sheer joy of something new and unique—our salon is your canvas.

We believe that nail artistry lies in the details. That’s why, beyond glitter and gemstones, we offer a variety of finishes and textures, each designed to elevate your nails from beautiful to breathtaking. Choose J Nail And Spa for your next nail adventure in Las Vegas, NV, where the beauty of your nails is limited only by your imagination.


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